Press Release


Update Jan-Mar 2013 .

This particular update is overdue, I have kept my silence long enough. This is to put all the records straight once and for all on several issues. Firstly I will attempt given time to do further regular Updates the truth will be known. From day one of the "Friends of Lakeside" project, how the project started, the first day, at best weekly and monthly reviews on my efforts to see Lakeside saved with Heritage Listing, I can say the success of "Friend of Lakeside" with the "Save Lakeside" campaign was only achieved with no bold or out spoken loud predictions, just calm, no fuss dedication, determined, aggression, enthusiasm.There was no ambition for favour, recognition, or status of acknowledgment, myself and my small core band of helpers,we simply loved Lakeside with many endeared memories of motor racing at Lakeside in our lives. I will brief some of the Headings of the 10 month Campaign getting "Lakeside International Raceway" to Provisional, and successfull Heritage Listing, and the storys beyond, in seeing the restoration, the reopening, and ever so much enjoying Lakeside's 50th Celebrations.

During the sometimes lonely early days of my project, when Lakeside was abandoned, closed, let derelict by the PRSC, I stood alone on XXXX Hill several times. I can tell you the err the deadly ,chostly, quietness, when you can only remember the screams of high power engines, and the fun of the Racing (the 1981 Dick Johnson 1st., ATCC) for one, it was sad, and spooky. Gathering my thoughts, on how to put the history of the famous "Hey Days" of the Sixties with so many International F1 champions, racing Lakeside, why they came is a Story on it's own, let alone the Australia Champions who came to Lakeside so as to have the required powerfull brief Criteria for the Heritage Board to consider what Cultural Significance Lakeside had to Queensland, Australia.

In my meetings with Heritage Officer Maureen Lillie, on how to present Briefs on things like the then Governor of Queensland, His Excellency Sir. Henry Abel Smith, K.C.M.G. K. C. V. O. D. S. O. a great motor racing fan, his story was personally told to myself, on how he became the Patron of Lakeside and performed the Official opening, 19 Mar 1961. Presenting this type of information correctly.From the application that was a simple A4 form, a brief with Rob, as I have said details later, the next most important step the "Stop-Action" how I was successfull at the very start to have the luck of the EPA receptionist Ms Jayme Teasdale a big Peter Brock fan, who responded immediately to my request to speak to a top Snr., Executive of the EPA Heritage Dept., and she got myself a brief interview with Mr. Stewart Armstrong, my plea was to stop a Cloudland/ Bellevue Bulldosing destruction of Lakeside Raceway. To my joy I didn't fully know at the time Stewart wrote a letter of STOP ACTION that very afternoon to the PRSC and I was advised, within 3 days of that letter, the CEO, the Lawyer, and another Executive to the P.R. S. C. were personal served by Stewart with the offical STOP ACTION which was served on Lakeside soil and as I had listed, Bill boards , Guard Railing, the Control Tower, the Bridge (which is another issue still today), the bitumen, everything I could think of was mentioned, with a $1.1 Million fine standing if any destruction occured, until a ruling was made on Heritage.

As I said I will detail all the main issues I will brief what lead to the first day of stealth action, however it was the very same words, a media release that prompted both Robert and myself, only I read the lips of the Mayor of PRSC on the TV10 evening news, Her words were quote "She would insure that there would never be Motor Racing ever again at Lakeside", I can only say what I felt exactly at that moment, it was the PRSC immediate downfall, as I had enjoyed Lakeside so much, and I was sure the ink wouldn't have even dried on the cheque for a miserable $600.000) in my words the PRSC stole Lakeside thru a late Sixties Local Council Resumption of land, and held lakeside at ransom for proper Sale of keen motorsports Buyers thru the Recievers Anderson's for the CBA, thru a Indenture of Access, all that I'll explain on a separate Update Issue.

So effectively the Heritage crippled the PRSC efforts to change the town planning from Motorsports Precinct, to Residentual high ground, for one, this is why the word "Raceway" has gone and the PRSC (now Moreton Bay Shire Council) plan was at the least "Park" overall especially lowline area's the Kink and Karessell, I had spoken to a officer of the PRSC on the overall Residentual plans, I can say when I get to this part of the story a lot of people will be jaw smacked on the full plans they were planning, I can say the Zonning is no Longer Motorsports Precinct now the best it has got was "Special Events Precinct" I would have to refer to my extensive files to give the exact wording of the Zonning now, anyway the PRSC challenge against, Heritage, backfired, their liars words that "Heritage stopped them from going motor racing", put them into the "Expression of Interest" to go Motor Racing, they had in a sense snookered themselves with these words. There out of court settlement with Crown Law and the EPA to remove Heritage forced them to prove they wanted to go Racing more on this in a Update later, and the thought John Tetley Qld., Raceways walked into special closed door that the special Division of Strategic and Commerical Services Project/Development Supp., Dept., meetings for Lakeside is beyond belief. This mainly ocurred thru the fact I myself was the only person to attend every PRSC General Meetings from the very start while doing the Lakeside Heritage project I sat alone in the Public gallery every Month up to Provisional Listing and only then the PRSC put it into closed Strategic Meetings.

Now might I say why the PRSC closed Strategic Meetings, only then the PRSC could privately plan the moves against Heritage, I can further say after the end of the meeting that announced the provisional Heritage listing of Lakeside, it was a pleasantly surprised. I was the first person ever, invited to any PRSC meeting, and to a personal meeting, with the Mayor Yvonne Chapman, personally by the Mayor's Private Secretary Jan Quin for, Tea and scones in the Mayors Chambers. I accepted, and in that meeting, the first ever for "Lakeside Raceway" since the PRSC purchase of Lakeside, I will tell all that was said in a Issue on it own, however I can say several months earlier at the first Meeting of interested Motorsports Racing Clubs, Organisations, and persons, it was express we go do our Heritage and they the rest at this meeting would get/hold meetings with the PRSC and change the Council's mind to go back to racing, well their knocking on the PRSC doors never got them one invite and I never ask, however, again I say, I got the first invite which I set up the first ever Meeting For Heritage, Motorsports, including the, HRCC, MAQ, David and Chris Bowden, to name a few, to dicuss Lakeside's Racing future, so to try to keep this update Issue brief, My first private and group meeting details with the Mayor and the sellect Councillors I will post in future Updates.

I will review in future Updates the PRSC letting of total Vandalism, destruction of Infrastructure of thier property, not the type of thing you might let happen if you wanted to keep the Motor Circuit Complex facility up to date to go Motor Racing, or the fact the Queensland Transport, Bruce Highway Road Signs for Lakeside were immediately removed on purchase Of Lakeside, again not the type of thing you would do if you were going Motor Racing!. And the auctioning off, of so much of Lakeside's artifacts,memorabilla, programs, that would have a special place at Lakeside today, all in the name of we want to go, well, we can't go Motor Racing because Heritage is stopping us going Motor Racing.

It is amazing that all the Heritage Burra charter says is you can't take from the basic design, however you can add as much as you like Retro.,.. exactly that which is the case successfully achieved by Queensland Raceways today, more on this later. Further, I will give some detail to my constant reporting to a EPA Heritage officer to conform to requirements of the Criteria of presentation to the Heritage Board, so there is much more I need to put the records straight.

Now about the rogue group that tried to take over our project once it became public with propognda and plagiarism to make out they were the Friends of Lakeside, calling a Meeting I was about to and printing shirts in the name of "Friends of Lakeside", (I own this Name) and Rob and myself came together under this name at the very beginning.The "Motorsports News" magazine printed a 2 page spread story for this Rogue group with plagiarism, believing they were the ones to have saved Lakeside never doing proper search checks to confirm if they were, and all I got in their next Edition/Issue was a single one line stating in Retraction myself, "Friends of Lakeside" were the real ones who did the all the work to save Lakeside Raceway, more on this later.

On another subject I'm concerned with the truth of Lakeside's early years many Stories, News articles, Books have been reported incorrectly, and for one, I can actuately state Tony Basile was the first President of Lakeside and the work put in by the then Committee of QMSC and it loyal Volunteers some that have been ignored, to date even with Lakeside Functions as such, I will endeavour to correct, the self centred misinformation given that has been poorly researched, and incorrectly written and given to the Lakeside Story. Many of these people deserve the truth be told I can't standby and see this injustice any longer the truth the facts will be told. I and many others have the truth this Knowledge.

Furthermore, Heritage stopped the PRSC in thier tracks. I have no hard feelings towards the PRSC Councillors of the time and I have no grudges to bear with the then PRSC and the now (Moreton Bay Shire Council), they had thier agenda, I had mine, it was the actions of the PRSC and the Mayor's words that lead Rob, and myself to the belief Heritage was the only action to bring the PRSC to the dicussion table and a solution to keep Lakeside.

Trevor "Shelby" Beutel

Project Manager

Friends of Lakeside