January 2004



We open the year with a brief update, first and foremost I wish to reiterate above all else that our group Friends of Lakeside, Robert Hardacre, myself and loyal supporters are the only ones responsible for the Heritage listing of Lakeside. No other group can rightfully claim that they were behind the heritage listing of Lakeside, in fact one group were initially opposed to Heritage listing of Lakeside.

Now a certain group has changed their stance, and imply via the media that they are the group that were instrumental at establishing the heritage listing of Lakeside. In fact had our group left the heritage process to this other group that came in over 12 months after our initial formation, Lakeside would simply not exist today.

Our group set out quietly, purposefully without fanfare, to achieve a goal, we have achieved that one goal, the Heritage Listing of Lakeside. Our follow on goal was simply to restore some form of motorsport activity and to build a commemoritive museum to house the 40 years of history of Lakeside, and that of Queensland's motorsporting heritage. This second goal has in part been achieved initially with Friends of Lakeside witnessing 2 motoring events, September 2003 some 17 cars ran in a closed event, and in November a similar event limited to 15 cars ran very successfully. Thanks to the efforts of Shane Bingham and Joshua Young, auto-drifters came to Lakeside in a full day event. I was very fortunate to witness first hand as a passenger of one of these magnificiently prepared cars, the exceptional skill and roadcraft of these young drivers. The early part of the day was used for training and practice, and the latter part of the day provided the 'entertainment' of their sport.

This is a sport that started in Japan and has roots back to the late 1960's of the All Japanese GT Touring Car Championships, its prominence coming out of events held at Mt Fuji Speedway. This is a recognised Pro Series in Japan, and has been taken to the USA and is now down under growing rapidly amongst the younger generation of motorsport followers.

Friends of Lakeside can claim we have achieved Heritage Listing and seen the achievement of motor activities at Lakeside.


Any further inquiries may be directed to Mr Trevor "Shelby" Beutel.