January 2009



Sometime ago my concerns on who would be best to get the proposed ( "Expressions of Interest" ) tender of lease of "Lakeside International Raceway" should it ever be achieved. Well after many twists and turns I'm happy to say if I'm proved wrong in some of my assumptions, then great! My best wishes, sincere hope, congratulations, for Mr John Tetley of QR (Queensland Raceway) with his 20 + 10 lease of Lakeside. I personally spoke with John at Lakeside some time ago and I'm well pleased given a brief on John's plans for Lakeside.


So, now all the past councillors and Mayor have moved on we have a new regional Shire Council with Redcliffe and Caboolture. I believe Caboolture had looked with interest at an HRCC proposal for a new race circuit some time ago.


John's Mission Statement and his personal desires for Lakeside gives myself plenty of satisfaction, I'm very sure his hands are the best for Lakeside's future. Our Mission Statement, my pursuit and spirit of enthusiasm still burns as bright, I have a few personal things that I can assist in the Historic and modern era plans of Lakeside.


I would like again to add "Heritage" and the Stop Action played the only and major part for saving Lakeside regardless that the heritage is all but removed. The bulldozers would have turned Lakeside in to Lakeside Golf Links Boulevarde Estate. Most of the Eastern Loop going to the Golf Links, the lower area of the straight "Kink" going to parklands and of course the rest to the estate. This is a still a concern to myself with no heritage. Remember heritage means you can't take, however you can surely add. A new retro Lakeside would certainly have been possible.


Further, as we did with no noise we quietly achieved our goal and only then when heritage was achieved and became public news, did a small number of so called do good people come out of the woodwork. These people who actually all left Lakeside for dead all of a sudden had this desire to use our name, print our name, used our compiled data and try and take our project over and then with some cohorts in the media used plagiarism to the max to make out they were the force of Lakeside. I want to be carefull how I say all this and make it very clear no other group of people did anything to save Lakeside from the bulldozers, and then becoming a millionaires row housing estate. Regardless of all the plagiarism and still there's a number of media cohorts that still can't get the true facts and rather avoid the truth, and make mention of this other so called group as the force who still to this day never did anything or achieved anything in really saving Lakeside.


I don't have any real pleasure in bringing any of these truths out, however I'm sure any normal person given the knowledge of the garbage this small group of people have brought forward ( in trying to damage "Friends of Lakeside" image and achievements in "Keeping Lakeside Alive" ), I trust would feel the same and hope these people eventually would go away in disgrace.


As you all may be aware the most constructive major work in just saving Lakeside has been achieved by Robert Hardacre, and my small group of helpers and Overflow Internet Services, however with a very complex agreement, the rennaisance of Lakeside still leaves a lot of work again to a very small few and although I don't report very often I am still committed to assisting Lakeside modern era future plans.





Any further inquiries may be directed to Mr Trevor "Shelby" Beutel.